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Welcome to Typical Cliche!
Thank you for reading my first blog post!
My name is Fatima and I live in Houston, TX. I just finished my second semester of my freshman year at University of Houston and I am studying to become a nurse.

This blog will have both beauty and fashion posts. I have loved beauty since as long as I can remember. Actually, let’s be real for a second, I used to be a non-girly girl. That was back in elementary and middle, where I literally hated anything related to makeup and fashion. I wore jeans a t-shirt every day and left my hair in its natural habitat: frizzy and curly.

But towards eighth grade and definitely high school, I fell in love with makeup. I don’t use makeup to create something that’s not there, unless it’s cheekbones: I was not genetically blessed with good cheek bones. I use makeup to enhance my beauty. I think that is something everyone should use makeup for. Whether that means to cover up imperfection, or give your eyes a little sparkle, makeup should be used to complement what you already have.

With my love of beauty came fashion. My style is basically a mix of a lot of styles. I love Bohemian festival looks, classy pieces, and girly, more feminine pieces. Basically, I like to mix styles to get the perfect one for me. I will be doing OOTD’s and I hope you enjoy them!

My goals for this blog are to post 3 times a week. I hope that I succeed in that goal, but I am a college student and sometimes things get crazy. But I definitely will try to post as often as possible!

I hope you guys enjoy the blog and stay tuned for more posts!

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