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Personalized Makeup List based on your Skin Type!

Don’t you wish there was a place that could tell you good makeup products that you should try based on your skin type? Someone that could just send you a list of makeup and tell you the benefits of using those products over others? Well, I am so excited to announce that I have curated a list that is based on your skin type and I am sharing it with you today!



You might have noticed that all over my website, there is an option to subscribe to the blog and chose your skin type! (Including the link down below) After you have chosen your skin type and subscribed, I send you a link and password to your personal list of makeup based on the skin type you selected! And the best part is that it is free! You only need an email address and you can have a personalized list of makeup in your inbox!


I have been working on this list for a while now, and I have been doing a lot of research to make sure my recommendations are good! I also wanted to quickly mention that I have not used every product that I mentioned. I’ve used most of the products, but some products are not meant to be used for my skin type (Combination Skin).


In the list, I have included 6 different categories of makeup that I think can be affected by skin type. This includes Foundation, Primer, Concealer, Blush/Bronzer/Highlight, Facial Sprays, and Powder. I have also included links to other blog posts related to those categories so that you can get more of an understanding of how and when to use the products! I have also made the list of makeup drugstore and high-end friendly! Which means you don’t have to break the bank to look flawless and use makeup created for your skin type! Every product that I talk about is linked on the pages and I always try to find the best deals and link those as well!

If you have any questions or concerns about the products I have chosen, please email me at fatima@typicalcliche.com

I hope you all enjoy the post and make sure you are subscribed so you get notified of new posts and you receive my recommendations of makeup products based on your skin type! Make sure you are also following me on Pinterest and Instagram, where I like to post tips and tricks related to beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.




First Post!

First Post (1)

Welcome to Typical Cliche!
Thank you for reading my first blog post!
My name is Fatima and I live in Houston, TX. I just finished my second semester of my freshman year at University of Houston and I am studying to become a nurse.

This blog will have both beauty and fashion posts. I have loved beauty since as long as I can remember. Actually, let’s be real for a second, I used to be a non-girly girl. That was back in elementary and middle, where I literally hated anything related to makeup and fashion. I wore jeans a t-shirt every day and left my hair in its natural habitat: frizzy and curly.

But towards eighth grade and definitely high school, I fell in love with makeup. I don’t use makeup to create something that’s not there, unless it’s cheekbones: I was not genetically blessed with good cheek bones. I use makeup to enhance my beauty. I think that is something everyone should use makeup for. Whether that means to cover up imperfection, or give your eyes a little sparkle, makeup should be used to complement what you already have.

With my love of beauty came fashion. My style is basically a mix of a lot of styles. I love Bohemian festival looks, classy pieces, and girly, more feminine pieces. Basically, I like to mix styles to get the perfect one for me. I will be doing OOTD’s and I hope you enjoy them!

My goals for this blog are to post 3 times a week. I hope that I succeed in that goal, but I am a college student and sometimes things get crazy. But I definitely will try to post as often as possible!

I hope you guys enjoy the blog and stay tuned for more posts!

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